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Thursday, 19 January 2012 05:31

Welcome to Reactive Fluid Flow Group

Welcome to the homepage of the research group Reactive Fluid Flow (RFF). The group is part of the Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering at UMP, Malaysia.

The research group RFF focusses on fundamentals of the discipline of chemical reaction engineering. The group aims to pool industrial government resources for needed long term research in reaction engineering of multiphase systems, conducts such fundamental research and transfers the results to industrial practice. RFF provides experts and in-depth reaction engineering education and aims to training both to students and industrial practitioners. We at believe that all activities of human endeavor that require chemical and physical conversion of raw materials into final products will in the future increasingly rely on application of reaction engineering principles. Therefore, RFF is committed to further development of reaction engineering theory and practice in solving a variety of practical and fundamental problems in the fuels, chemicals, petrochemicals, materials, biochemicals and environmental industries.

The development of new reactor models with improved predictive capability for the industrially important class of chemical reactors constitutes an important goal of our research activities. Through the intended co-operation with other (application oriented) research groups (fluid mixing, UMP), both fundamental aspects and those closely related to applications are studied through concerted action.

Dr. Cheng Chin Kui


Reactive Fluid Flow


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